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Marie-Josée Therrien is a prime example of women breaking down barriers within the typically male dominated forest industry. J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI) is proud to have a hard-working employee like her on the home team.

Marie-Josée Therrien is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science and Management program at UdeM and is the current Mill Manager of the sawmill in Veneer New Brunswick. Marie-Josée began her career with JDI five years ago as a Process Improvement Analyst. She quickly moved into the role of Production Manager where she was presented with the opportunity to continue developing her professional skills as a Regional Human Resources Manager. As of last year, Marie-Josée is now responsible for the Veneer Hard Wood Mill, which allows her to continue developing and gaining experience within a leadership role.

Marie-Josée's journey with JDI stands as an example for anyone who is curious, eager to learn, passionate about leading people and wants to succeed. 

“My dad taught me at young age when you treat people with respect you will get respect in return. Working with people is my passion and throughout my career with JDI, I’ve always been treated with respect." said Therrien. 

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