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J.D. Irving, Limited has partnered with the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) in a special television episode of ‘Maine Cabin Masters’ where the team will build a tiny-home for at-risk teenagers in Franklin County, Maine. 

The tiny-home featured in the episode will be the flagship structure in an upcoming tiny home village designed by CES to support to teenagers facing precarious living conditions.

"We're dedicated to empowering vulnerable teenagers and offering them opportunities to flourish," stated Randy Chicoine, Plant Manager at the Dixfield sawmill.

This partnership aims to establish a campus of tiny homes made to meet the specific needs of at-risk teenagers. These teenagers are lacking a safe and supportive home. These compact residences, each measuring 8 1/2 feet by 20 feet, cost about $60,000. They are designed to accommodate one teenager at a time, offering a safe and supportive space. 

Equipped with essential amenities such as a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area, these self-sufficient tiny homes aim to provide teenagers with a place they can truly call their own. Once each tiny home is built in Franklin County, they will be transported to the designated campus site near Mt. Blue High School in Farmington, Maine. This location provides easy access to resources and support networks for the teens. 

JDI is proud to support this project by offering reliable wood products and transportation, ensuring the tiny home’s durability and comfort.

While the skilled team from 'Maine Cabin Masters' is diligently working on the first tiny home, the second one is being constructed by the CES in partnership with local youth. 

For more information about this project and the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, visit their website at: