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J.D. Irving, Limited's sawmill division would like to shine a spotlight on the engineering students that joined their workforce for the summer this year. These students embraced their hands-on learning experiences, contributing innovative ideas and uncovering new possibilities: 

Phil Allen – Dixfield, Maine

Student engineer 1.jpg

Phil Allen is making significant strides in both his professional and educational pursuits. While working on a range of projects during his second summer at J.D. Irving, Limited's Dixfield mill, Phil’s standout achievements include developing the Si-Cam Laser Scanner System and leading the retrofit of the sawmill stacker. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology and a minor in Electrical Engineering Technology, Phil’s dedication and expertise are propelling him towards a successful future in the engineering field.

Collin Matthews – Grand Lake Timber, Chipman, New Brunswick 

Student engineer 2.png

Currently in his third year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick, Collin Matthews is excelling in his role as a student engineer and maintenance planner at Grand Lake Timber. With a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt already under their belt, he is actively contributing to improving the mill’s performance. Grand Lake Timber provides the perfect environment for his growth and development as he pursues a successful career in mechanical engineering.

Samuel Lawless – Grand Lake Timber, Chipman, New Brunswick

Student engineer 3.jpg

Samuel Lawless, an Engineering Intern pursuing his second year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick Fredericton, is making the most of his summer at the planer mill at Grand Lake Timber in Chipman, New Brunswick. Delighted by his experience as a summer student, Samuel appreciates the guidance and support from his team, helping him familiarize himself with the mill’s operations and his role. His work this summer has been diverse, involving projects related to inspection manuals, lockout training documents, and inventory management, all of which have deepened his understanding of the mill’s workings. Samuel acknowledges that the skills he has acquired during this internship will be valuable for both his academic pursuits and future career. In his own words, “I’m very glad I had the opportunity to work here for the summer.”

Clark Condon – Ashland, Maine 

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Clark Condon, a Mechanical Engineer Intern from the University of Maine, has left a lasting mark at the Ashland sawmill this summer. Embracing various roles, Clark has delved into the inner workings of the industry from the parts supply room, to designing fixtures and installations. As he aptly puts it, “I have learned a lot and greatly enjoyed my experience.” With dedication and eagerness, Clark has also familiarized himself with essential methodologies like 5s and Lean Six Sigma, all while undertaking his Yellow Belt. These methodologies give our employees the leadership fundamentals and skills that help them thrive in the company. Working closely will millwrights, he has honed his skills in equipment repairs, ensuring smooth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly operations within the facility. Clark’s journey stands as a testament to the invaluable lessons that come with real-world engineering and maintenance.

Owen Lewis – Ashland, Maine

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Owen Lewis, an Electrical Engineering Intern at the Ashland sawmill, is all smiles as he reflects on his enriching summer experience. A Sophomore at the University of Maine, Owen’s dual focus on Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering has proved invaluable during his time at J.D. Irving, Limited (JDI). “My experience with JDI as a while a more specifically the Ashland sawmill has been wonderful,” he exclaims. Delving into maintenance and production, Owen gained insight into the seamless operation of the facility. However, what truly excited him were the business aspects – management, people development, and working with budgets. “These are all great tools I will take from this summer,” he excitedly explained. The real-world constraints and situations he encountered were a revelation, as they extended beyond the confines of his school education. Owen’s journey stands as a power testament to the power of hands-on learning and its impact on aspiring engineers.

Hadley Bent – Sproule Lumber, Truro Nova Scotia 

Student engineer 6.png

As she prepares to embark on her second year at Acadia University, Hadley Bent shares her rewarding summer adventure at Sproule Lumber in Truro, NS. Serving as one of their Mechanical Engineering Co-op students in the sawmill division of J.D. Irving, Limited, her experience has been nothing short of transformative. “The hands-on learning experience and exposure to the field of mechanical engineering have been invaluable,” she enthuses. Embracing a technical role, she found the journey both informative and fascinating, and she looks forward to applying the newfound skills upon her return to school and in the future endeavors. This summer has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for her engineering career.

Benjamin Mitchell – Sproule Lumber, Truro Nova Scotia 

Student engineer 7.jpg

Benjamin Mitchell is a dedicated Mechanical Engineering Co-op student, who has been making waves at Sproule Lumber in Truro, NS. Currently pursuing his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University, Benjamin’s experience has been nothing short of incredible. “Working at the Truro sawmill has been an amazing opportunity,” he shares with enthusiasm. From design work and modifications to developing an app for tracking downtime, he has applied his academic knowledge and previous work experiences while acquiring new skillsets along the way. Benjamin finds immense value in the practical applications that go beyond theory, enhancing his learning experience as a Mechanical Engineering student. He expressed his gratitude for JDI’s continuous encouragement of learning, making his work term truly exceptional.

This summer, engineering students from a number of different universities embarked on transformative journeys, embracing the opportunities at J.D. Irving Limited's sawmills like those in Ashland, Truro, Grand Lake, Dixfield and others. From Mechanical Engineering Co-op students exploring real-world applications to Electrical Engineering interns immersing themselves in business aspects, these students embrace hands-on learning experiences. The sawmills provided them with great exposure to their profession, fostering skill development and deepening their passion for the field. As the summer draws to a close, these future engineers carry with them a wealth of knowledge and unforgettable experiences, ready to make their mark in the engineering world.  


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