Roch: Hired Before Graduation Check-In

Students are a very important part of our operations: we offer them hands-on experience, and they bring fresh ideas to the table. Often, students who work with us for a term return to start their career. Roch Deschenes is a perfect example.

A graduate of the Université de Moncton, he spent four summers working with the woodlands division planting trees. When the season ended, often a month or so before school resumed, he was offered the chance to spend the rest of his summer working in the sawmills. 

Originally from Drummond, NB, just 20 minutes away from the St. Leonard Sawmill, made being hired before graduation a huge relief, and an easy next step.

"Job hunting when you’re at university can be quite stressful. If you don’t find anything before the school year is over there is not much you can rely on. Having a job secured for when you finish gives you peace of mind. You can stop worrying about that job interview and focus on the things that matters to you," said Roch.

Roch, who graduated with an Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, is now working in Continuous Improvement, and helping to ensure the sawmill is always functioning at efficiently as possible. Efficiency is very important in sustainable industries such as forestry, something Roch is very aware of.

"What’s most important for me is getting to work in the industry. When I started I got to see the entire chain of operation. It’s rewarding to know that we follow our product from start to finish. From growing our own raw material to using chips to create tissue or even the bark to fuel our thermal plant. We strive to achieve challenging goals and ensure we deliver quality products. Doing this makes us proud of our work and moves us closer to a better more sustainable future," says Roch.


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