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The Saint Leonard sawmill is set to hit a milestone of 8 billion board feet by the end of November. The Sawmills team is proud of this achievement, which is a testament to years of hard work and dedication since the mill's inception in 1988. 

In the mill's first year, 1,714 million board feet were processed, and by 1992, this number jumped to 134,624. Today, with a fully optimized set-up boasting seven scanners, the mill processes as average of 32,000 logs per shift.

The mill’s success is attributed to its commitment to innovation and efficiency. In April 2022, a $14 million investment in the TBL random line led to significant gains in log recovery, and the record for this new line sits at 7,815 logs processed in one shift. The mill’s stud line, with hew saws installed in 2004, also contributes to the mill's success, with 25,000 studs processed per shift on average. The Saint Leonard Sawmill further increased its productivity by introducing a weekend production shift back in 2014, a move that has continued to pay dividends. 

The Saint Leonard sawmill’s journey to 8 billion board feet has been market by perseverance, strategic investments, and a commitment to excellence. As it gets closer to this historic milestone, the mill stands as an example of the strength and resilience of the lumber industry.