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Recent trends in home décor have heavily leaned into bringing the calmness of the outdoors into our homes. The cool, natural, and neutral elements of wood are a prime example.

Wood products are part of our every day lives. Some are obvious like toothpicks and hockey sticks, but there are plenty of other items that we use in our daily lives that you likely don't associate to wood, such as your clothes.

We are surrounded by wood products. Flooring and cupboards are often made of wood and widely known as being an optimum option when building or renovating a home. However, before flooring and cupboards are installed the framing of the house needs to be done. Wood is one of the primary materials used in framing homes and is also the material used for most interior doors. Current decorating trends are also seeing a lot of wood products. From butcher board counter tops to shiplap, wood products are a major part of our home life. 

The presence of wood doesn't stop at the construction of the home. We fill our spaces with wooden cutting boards and shelving units, we purposely expose beams to add character to our space. Our tables are made of various species of wood and our couches and chairs have wood details. We use various stains and paints to enhance, highlight or match wood within our space. 

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