Sproule Lumber and Sussex Sawmill raise almost $20,000 for charity

For the first time in two years, Sproule Lumber held their annual mulch sale. The event had been cancelled for the past two springs due to the pandemic, but came back in 2022 raising nearly double what they had in past years. All profits from the sale are donated to the IWK in Halifax.

The sale, which is a team effort between Sawmills and Woodlands employees, is a two-day event. On Friday, Woodlands staff use their pickup trucks to deliver mulch to local homes and on Saturday, Sawmill employees helped to load the mulch into customers' pickups and trailers. 

Sussex Sawmill also held their mulch sale after a hiatus due to the pandemic. Their donation of over $9,000 went to the PALS program at Sussex Elementary School.

The mulch is mainly composed of bark which is a byproduct of the lumber-making process. Before logs are processed through the sawmill they are debarked and the bark is typically burned to generate electricity for the site.