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From forest products to patrolling the forest: Doug Brown

Nestled off the beaten path, surrounded by forests and wildlife in Western Maine, Dixfield is the perfect spot for someone like Doug Brown to call home. The Dixfield Sawmill Yard Team Leader spends his working hours in a relocated log cabin that has been given a second life as a gatehouse and spends his personal time touring clients through the local forest.

Doug grew up outdoors, something that apparently runs in the family considering his great-grandfather was a Maine Guide. It was therefore no surprise when Doug set his eyes on becoming a Maine Guide as well. 

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Doug has been with the Dixfield Sawmill for nearly ten years and has been a Registered Maine Guide for nearly the entire time. During hunting season, he can be found in the woods assisting clients and while he's at work he knows that the forests are being well-managed and maintained. 

"As a Registered Maine Guide, I care about what affects the plants and animals in their forest, now and in the future. Some animals need big, old trees and others need small, young trees or open areas. By planning, we and J.D. Irving, Limited can help provide wildlife species with the kinds of food, shelter, water and hiding places they need," says Doug. 

As a member of the forest value chain, Doug understands the importance of managing the forest. As a Maine Guide, he understands the benefits that a managed forest can have for the wildlife that call it home.

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