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Ashland Housing Solution

Housing challenges are happening almost everywhere, and in small towns like Ashland, Maine it has become a particular issue when trying to recruit. With housing in town being limited, we decided to make an investment to benefit potential employees. 

We purchased an old motel ten minutes from the Ashland mill. With the help of our Project Team, we were able to revive one of the buildings and turn it into our new lodge. In addition, seven motel rooms were updated to short-term suites for new employees complete with kitchenettes. One end of the building features a laundry space for residents and the other end has a cookhouse used in the Woodlands operations. 

"We understand that the housing situation in our area is currently quite tight and we hope that by providing a short-term option we can encourage people to join our team. Our lodge and cookhouse offer a space for new hires to use for home base while they figure out their next move and what will work best for them," says Beth Jandreau, who has been overseeing the project.

Jolene Tibbitts, a locally known caterer has accepted the role as our lodge cook. She has given the cookhouse a facelift and is already cooking up a storm. Prior to the lodge being ready for guests, Jolene was winning over the employees of the mill with her treats. 

If you're looking to make your move to join our team in Northern Maine, reach out to our Human Resource team at or apply online at