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Amanda Gibbons: Mill Manager at Juniper Organics

Just 45 minutes from where she grew up in Stanley, NB, Amanda Gibbons is now the Mill Manager at Juniper Organics in Juniper, NB.

She started her J.D. Irving, Limited career the way many of our forestry employees do, as a tree planter. She planted trees in the Deersdale District of NB in the summer of 2003, a perfect summer job for a Bachelor of Science in Forestry & Environmental Management student. 

After graduating from the University of New Brunswick she started as a Supervisor at the Juniper Tree Nursery, which is nestled between the peat bog and plant that she now manages. 

When Juniper Organics opened in 2012 she opted to expand her skill set and took on the role that covered Supervisor, Admin and Shipper all in one. With the start up to a new business she had to be quick to learn new systems, processes and a new industry.

She's taken advantage of numerous training opportunities throughout her time with JDI, all of which have helped her gain the experience and understanding she uses to do her job today. Amanda has proven to be someone who values continuous learning and openly states that one of her favorite parts of her job is that every day brings new challenges and new opportunities to learn. 

We asked her what being a female Mill Manager meant to her and she did not disappoint:

"It's an opportunity for up and coming young women to see that women can have leadership roles in what we normally see as male dominated positions, specifically in the forest and peat industries. We can chase any dream we want and realize it if we pursue continuous learning, gain experience and improve our skill sets. Be authentic and be passionate about what you do and the rest will fall into place," said Amanda.

If you're interested in growing your career with Amanda at Juniper Organics or are looking to follow in her foot steps by joining with one and growing with many, you can reach out to our Human Resource team at

To learn more about Juniper Organics visit their website